RefugeeLikeMe has been hard at work creating our first Refugee Story Video. A few months ago, we worked with Bridge Refugee Services to identify Joseph, a Congolese refugee who lived in a refugee camp in Uganda for over fifteen years. Joseph allowed RefugeeLikeMe to interview him at his home in Knoxville. Joseph was one of his parents’ fifteen children––only seven survived. He loves the United States (he’s still astonished that he can go out and buy enough food to feed his family), and he’s already been working for five months. Joseph’s edited interview will be launched after the Young Entrepreneurs’ Semifinal Competition. We are honored to share Joseph’s story––and his smile––with the world.

Here’s a picture of our interview with Joseph:

And here’s a picture of Joseph telling us a little bit about his life:

Finally, here’s a picture of Joseph’s mother and his daughter:


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